Jerusalem Artichoke Association of Canada

Jerusalem Artichoke Association of Canada

The Jerusalem Artichoke Association of Canada (JAAC) is non-profit organization which is interested in the development of all aspects of the Jerusalem artichoke. JAAC was recently established in February 2016 in an attempt to develop a single point of contact where growers, processors, food manufacturers, product developers and different levels of government can collaborate to promote and expand the Jerusalem artichoke industry in Canada. By uniting all groups of the Jerusalem artichoke industry, from farm to marketplace, JAAC fosters better communication and aims at helping the entire value chain to move forward. JAAC is committed to assist members find new opportunities in the processing and marketing of Canadian grown Jerusalem artichoke.

Although the Jerusalem artichoke has gained significant attention in the recent years, the Jerusalem industry faces multiple challenges across the value chain from the supply side to the demand side. One key function of JAAC is to identify the barriers that prevent the expansion of the Jerusalem artichoke market. We are dedicated to ensure that the public and policymakers are aware of the enormous potential of the Jerusalem artichoke industry. One of our mission is to promote public relations, education, advertising and other activities to enhance the development on this industry. We shall obtain, correlate and publish relevant information on the cultivation, the nutritional and functional properties of the plant and its potential industrial applications as biofuel, functional food and bioactive ingredient sources.  

Jerusalem Artichoke Grown in Canada

Jerusalem Artichoke is grown from coast to coast in Canada, but we have very little information about just how much JA is being produced. The JAAC would appreciate it if you could answer the following questions about how much Jerusalem artichoke you are growing this year (2016), and send your answers back to 

Where do you live?
How much Jerusalem Artichoke do you have under cultivation?
Number /volume/ weight of tubers planted; or area (hectares, acres) that is planted?

Jerusalem Artichoke Innovation Centre 

The new Jerusalem Artichoke Association of Canada (JAAC) has been established in February 2016 with 30-40 members including growers, processors, researchers and students. This was followed by the in-kind contribution of the Carleton University, Ottawa, ON, Canada, to open the first Jerusalem Artichoke Innovation Centre in Canada on March 1, 2016. This centre is currently run by volunteer students enrolled in the Food Science and Nutrition program of the Chemistry Department of Carleton University. Additionally, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) and Health Canada researchers are highly supportive of the JAAC and the JA innovation centre. The majority of JA research activities are through the JA innovation centre. Additionally, the collaboration of the Carleton Mass Spectrometry Centre at the university helps promote the best outcome of scientific activities of the university. We strongly believe that the new JA innovation centre will benefit not only the Food Science and Nutrition program at Carleton University but also support other departments as a whole team. Special thanks go to Dr. Malcolm Butler, Dr. Bob Crutchley, Andrea Lawrence and Cathy Edwards and all volunteer students for their strong support. 

Jerusalem Artichoke Innovation Centre Supports Research

The JAAC was formed to bring together people who are interested in the many aspects of Jerusalem artichoke growing, processing, utilization and health properties. By working together and sharing  problems and ideas, we hope to raise the visibility of this truly  Canadian plant. We want to encourage and assist the growth of a commodity value chain that will benefit both producers and consumers of Jerusalem artichoke.

At this point in time, the JAAC does not have the financial resources to support research and development related to JA production and use. However, we recognize that there are many sources of funding that could support JA research. We also know that the competition for grant money is very competitive. Many granting agencies accept / require letters of support to accompany a grant application as a way of demonstrating the scientific/economic or social importance of the grant application’s goals and objectives.

If you are planning to apply for a grant to support your research on Jerusalem artichoke, the Jerusalem Artichoke Association of Canada would be pleased to have our Research Committee read you proposal and write a letter of support when applicable.

Contact us at if you have any questions.

Download the following documents to know more about JAIC research projects.

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