Jerusalem Artichoke Association of Canada


AynurGunenc has both B.Sc. (Ege University) and M.Sc. (McGill University) degrees in Food Engineering and Ph.D. in Chemistry (Carleton University). Her dissertation research was on wheat bran phenolic lipids (alkylresorcinols-ARs) and bioactive components with a focus on functional/nutraceutical properties. Additionally, she has worked on amylose-ARs inclusion complexes to investigate the potential application of ARs as a natural anti-staling agent during her Post-Doctoral study at PennStateUniverstiy. Currently, she is working on analysis of “Jerusalem Artichoke” for a variety of applications in bioproducts including inulin, fructose, natural health products or nutraceuticals as a Research Associate at Carleton University. Main focuses are exploring optimum time to harvest JA crop based on end uses (inulin/fructose levels) and assessing shelf life for JA tubers during post-harvest storage.