Jerusalem Artichoke Association of Canada

Grand Opening of the Jerusalem Artichoke Innovation Centre at 1125@Carleton

March 1st marked the official grand opening of the Jerusalem Artichoke Innovation Centre at the 1125@Carleton in the Human Computer Interaction building in Carleton University (ON, Canada). The JA Innovation Centre’s main activities are to conduct research on the functional properties of Jerusalem artichokes, and to drive innovation by researching new ways to develop value-added products from Jerusalem artichokes with economic and health benefits. The Innovation Centre facilitates research on Jerusalem artichokes and coordinates research strategies and priorities across the Jerusalem artichokes value chain. The JA Innovation Centre is primarily operated by volunteer students, enrolled in the Department of Chemistry’s Food Science and Nutrition program at Carleton University. Their current research focus on the nutritional and functional properties of the Jerusalem artichoke especially in regards to its antioxidant and prebiotic potential, as well as the quality of its sugar and the ability for it to be a clean sugar.  The Jerusalem Artichoke Association of Canada (JAAC) will work in partnership with the JA Innovation Centre to facilitate the research findings to the field. The grand opening of the Centre brought together the foundation of the JAAC to celebrate what is only the start of a very promising functional food. The future of JA looks bright and further research and investigation is currently underway.