Jerusalem Artichoke Association of Canada

Download the following research articles to learn more about the use of Jerusalem artichoke as biofuel.

The prospects of Jerusalem artichoke in functional food ingredients and bioenergy production
Author: Yang, L., He, Q. S., Corscadden, K., Udenigwe, C. C.
Journal: Biotechnology Reports, 5 (2015): 77-88 

Economically Viable Components from Jerusalem Artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus L.) in a Biorefinery Concept
Author: Johansson, E., Prade, T., Angelidaki, I., Svensson, S., Newson, W. R., Gunnarsson, I. B., Hovmalm, H. P.
Journal: International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 16(4):8997-9016

Comparative study of different methods of hydrolysis and fermentation for bioethanol obtaining from inulin and inulin rich feedstock
Author: Neagu, C., Bahrim, G.
Journal: Scientific Study & Research. Chemistry & Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology, Food Industry, 13(1) (2012): 63-68

Jerusalem Artichoke as Biofuel