Jerusalem Artichoke Association of Canada


Ted Farnworth is a retired research scientist who was one of the first in Canada to carry out research on the uses of Jerusalem artichoke tubers for animal feed. Before the words probiotic and prebiotic were coined, Ted suggested that feeding pigs JA tubers rich in fructo-oligosaccharides would alter the bacteria in the pig gut and in turn change the characteristics particularly  the smell of pig manure. To carry out his research Ted had to learn how to plant, cultivate, harvest and process large quantities of Jerusalem artichoke tuber. He published his results in scientific journals and gave talks on JA at Canadian and overseas meetings. He went on to carry out in vitro and in vivo experiments to show the effects of foods containing live bacteria on human health. Since his retirement, he has done some consulting as a “knowledge broker” in the fields of food, nutrition and human health.  
Ted was a founding member of the Jerusalem Artichoke Association of Canada, and is an active member of several committees of the JAAC.